Thursday, July 23, 2015

Four Years Old

Happy birthday to our - ohmygoodness, how can it be? - FOUR-year-old!!! He is half sweet, cuddly baby and half willful turd. He can do everything himself except the things I want him to do so he's lucky he's so cute. Is it just me or does this kid have the best smile ever? He has a really clever sense of humor and has The Swede and I laughing constantly. Also, he still thinks we're funny, which feels like a gift that we get to enjoy every day and which brings out the best, most playful side of all of us. Jamie is a joy to converse with and it always telling us about things he saw and did when he was younger. Some of the stories are actually true and we're blown away at how good his memory is. It's a terrifying reminder of how careful we need to be when speaking in front of him. Long gone are the days of saying whatever we want; he's keeping us honest. The bottom line is, this is no longer a baby - even a toddler - in any sense. We're dealing with a real live kid here, people, and we're feeling the high stakes in all kinds of ways. Meanwhile, The Swede is the most creative, gregarious father and we seem to compliment each other well in our parenting. I can't wait until tomorrow, when Jamie wakes up in the best mood, says something hilarious, asks a thoughtful question, and continues to make my life so much more complex and so, so much more joyful.

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